The SANDAG Vanpool Program provides a comfortable, cost-effective, and convenient way for groups of five or more people to get to work in and around the San Diego region. 

Ride together, save together. San Diego vanpool participants generally spend less than $100 per month to get to work. The SANDAG Vanpool Program even provides a subsidy of up to $400 per month to offset the lease price. In the military? You could save even more!

Save time every day. When someone else drives and you spend less time in traffic, you’ll have time to catch up on email, read, or even take a nap! 

Choose the ride that works for you. Multiple vehicle options can be customized with amenities like WiFi and satellite radio. Imagine cruising to work in a sleek new SUV with leather seats!

You’ll never be stranded. If you need to leave work for an emergency, or your driver gets sick, the Guaranteed Ride Home program has you covered with a free ride home up to three times per year. 

Ready to join a vanpool?

Ready to start a vanpool?

For more information about the SANDAG Vanpool Program, call (619) 699-0706 or email You can also watch more vanpool videos on our YouTube playlist.

Para ver información en español, por favor utilice el traductor de Google en la parte inferior de esta página, envíe un correo electrónico a, o llame al (619) 699-0706.

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