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As an employer, you may worry about disruptions to workflow when transitioning your employees to teleworking. Trust is the foundation of a successful remote team and teleworking typically leads to increased productivity. However, remote work during a stressful time, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, is different than long-term, self-selected remote work.

The SANDAG iCommute program has compiled tools and resources to help your organization succeed during this transition.

  • To make up for a lack of face-to-face supervision, take time to:
    • Communicate expectations and provide context for assignments
    • Set up processes and tools for documenting and sharing information
    • Have frequent, one-on-one check-ins with all team members

Tips for managers

  • Discuss team members’ concerns or limitations about teleworking (e.g., children present who need care, limited technology resources)
  • Trust that every team member is working to the best of their ability during this time
  • Organize meetings to focus time together on activities that move the team forward, such as decision making, collaboration, and connection
  • Give timely feedback and err on the side of overcommunication
  • Manage by results rather than time and attendance, avoid micromanaging
  • Be considerate of work-life balance, employees’ “normal” workdays may change
  • Redesign roles, if necessary, to meet remote working changes

Sample templates

Use these resources as a starting point to help develop policies and procedures for teleworking. While these samples were developed for a more formal program, they can be helpful for setting up a temporary or emergency telework program. Work with your HR and IT teams to supplement and customize information for your organization.

Resources to manage remote work

Free tools

Software options to connect with your team

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Articles to support a successful initial setup

Articles to support long-term telework transitions


LinkedIn courses

Free webinars   

Case studies


For more information about telework or our employer program, call 511 and say “iCommute” or email iCommute@sandag.org.


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