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Commute alternatives can be good for your employees, the planet, and your bottom line. Many of your employees who drive alone probably have a significant concern about their commute in terms of cost, time, or stress. 

Commuter programs can support employees who carpool, vanpool, bike or walk to work, take transit, have a compressed workweek schedule, or telework. There are many benefits to your organization and employees. Even using alternative transportation just once a week can make a big difference in employee wellness, productivity, and retention, not to mention employer savings through tax benefits, lease costs, and reduced parking demand.

Employer assistance. The SANDAG iCommute program provides assistance and tools to help your organization design and implement customized commuter programs that meet financial and environmental goals. A commuter program can help attract and retain talented staff, as well as improve overall employee satisfaction. A commuter benefits program can stand side-by-side with your organization’s medical, dental, and vision benefits. iCommute can help you coordinate onsite events and provide marketing materials and promotional incentives that are customized to your workplace.

iCommute online administrator tool. Employers can establish their own network within the iCommute system to track employee participation, manage commuter incentive programs, and measure the organization’s financial and environmental savings. Employees who join the network can search for rideshare partners, log their commute trips, and claim incentives set up as part of your commuter benefits program.

Diamond Awards. The iCommute employer services program is the gateway to the Diamond Awards, which recognizes employers for outstanding alternative commute programs, commuter participation, and more. The program is based on a points system tied to employer involvement, Corporate Challenge participation, and shifts in employee transportation choices.

Telework. Teleworking is a convenient solution that enables employees to work from home or a remote location one or more days per week. Employers are encouraged to implement their own policies. iCommute can assist with proven guidelines and templates to get this process started.

Try Transit. The Try Transit pilot program is a collaborative effort between the SANDAG iCommute program, Metropolitan Transit System (MTS), and North County Transit District (NCTD). Try Transit is an employer benefit program that provides eligible employees with a 30-Day Pass to try one of the many transit choices – bus, train, or Trolley – in the San Diego region. Employers located within 1/2 mile of a transit stop may be eligible to participate.

For more information, call 511 and say “iCommute” or email iCommute@sandag.org.

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