Guaranteed Ride Home

You’ll never be stranded. If you carpool, vanpool, take transit, walk, or bike to work, you have a safety net with the Guaranteed Ride Home program.

Registered participants can get a free ride home in a taxi or rental car up to three times per year in the event of:

  • Personal or family illness or emergency
  • Unscheduled overtime (with a supervisor’s approval)
  • Being stranded at work due to carpool or vanpool driver leaving for an emergency

Please note, you must work in San Diego County to participate in the Guaranteed Ride Home program. Expenses such as gratuity and fuel are not covered by Guaranteed Ride Home.

To register for the Guaranteed Ride Home program, first you'll need to sign up for a free iCommute account. Next, fill out this registration form and your vouchers will be emailed to you.

For more information, see the Guaranteed Ride Home Guidelines, call 511 and say “iCommute” or email


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