Share your daily commute and save! Carpooling is an easy way to instantly reduce your commuting costs by 50 percent or more. Carpools also can take advantage of many free amenities throughout the region including carpool lanes, I-15 Express Lanes, Park & Ride lots, and the Guaranteed Ride Home program. You’ll save time, money, and wear and tear on your car, all while helping to save the planet. Get started by using the iCommute tools below.

Find a carpool match. iCommute gives you access to a database of thousands of commuters - friends, neighbors, and colleagues who live and work near you - looking for a carpool match. To find a carpool match, sign up for iCommute, then plan a trip with our TripPlanner tool. Potential matches will be displayed on the left side of the screen. If you find a match, you can send a message to communicate your interest in ridesharing (sharing your contact information is optional). If no matches appear, save your trip by clicking "Post Your Own Carpool." This enters your commute into the database, and allows other commuters to find you as a potential match. 

TripTracker. TripTracker helps you measure the savings of your carpool commute – both to your wallet and the planet. Just log in, record your carpool trip, and watch the savings add up. Get started and sign up for iCommute today.

Guaranteed Ride Home. You’ll never be stranded with the Guaranteed Ride Home program. Carpool, vanpool, take transit, walk or bike to work and you’re eligible. Guaranteed Ride Home ensures that you’ll be able to get home for free up to three times per year in case of a personal or family emergency or illness, unscheduled overtime, or being stranded at work if your carpool driver has an emergency. To enroll, complete this registration form today.

Park & Ride lots. 
Conveniently located throughout the region, Park & Ride lots are free and a great place to meet your carpool. Visit the Park & Ride page to find a lot near you.

For more carpool information, call 511 and say “iCommute” or email


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