If two heads are better than one, just imagine what seven can do!  Vanpools are a comfortable, cost-effective, and convenient way for groups of seven to 15 people to share their ride to work. Vanpools reduce stress, help the environment, and save you money.

You or your employer can lease a vehicle through one of the iCommute contracted vanpool vendors and receive up to $400 per month to help offset the cost of the lease. In 2011, vanpool participants saved almost $1,000 each in ownership and operating costs in addition to their tremendous savings on gas!

Through our contracted vendors, Enterprise Rideshare and VPSI, vanpool drivers are offered month-to-month leases on passenger vans that include maintenance, roadside assistance, and insurance costs. Drivers have access to the van after work hours and can even log personal miles.

Get started today by using the iCommute tools below or by viewing the list of currently available vanpool seats.

RideMatcher is a simple and secure way to find vanpool partners online. It’s a database of thousands of commuters – friends, neighbors, and colleagues who live and work near you – looking for vanpool partners as you are. RideMatcher will help you make the connection quickly and easily. To get your free, personalized list of potential vanpool partners, sign up for iCommute today.

TripTracker helps you measure the savings of your vanpool commute – both to your wallet and the planet. Just log in, record your vanpool trip, and watch the savings add up. Tracking your trips also keeps your vanpool eligible to receive the monthly $400 vanpool subsidy. Plus, by logging eligible trips at least eight days per month, you’ll be automatically entered for chances to win iCommute monthly prize drawings! Get started and sign up for iCommute today.

Guaranteed Ride Home
You’ll never be stranded with the Guaranteed Ride Home program. Travel by vanpool three or more times each week, and you’re eligible. Guaranteed Ride Home ensures that you’ll be able to get home in case of an emergency or unscheduled overtime up to three times per year. To enroll, sign up for iCommute today.

Park & Ride Lots
Conveniently located throughout the region, Park & Ride lots are free and a great place to meet your vanpool. Visit the Park & Ride page to find a lot near you.

For more vanpool information, call 511 and say “iCommute“ or email

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