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Buses are the Future of Urban Transport

Aug 27, 2014 -

“Buses! Buses! Buses! Buses” thundered the tall man, rapping the café table between us, the cutlery threatening to vibrate right off the edge. … Former mayor of Bogotá, maximum patron of that city’s famously successful TransMilenio bus rapid transit (BRT) network, Peñalosa now makes the rounds at conferences arguing for the economic virtue and transformative potential of the not-so-humble bus. Full Story

Balancing Bike-Share Stations Has Become a Serious Scientific Endeavor

Aug 27, 2014 –

If “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” were written today, bike-share stations would play the role of the porridge. A station that’s too full is a bad thing, because that means riders can’t return a bike there. A station that’s too empty is also a bad thing, because that means potential riders can’t rent from there. To keep members happy, you need to get the number of bikes at a station just right. Full Story

7 Charts That Show How Good Mass Transit Can Make a City More Affordable

Aug 25, 2014 –

Housing costs are often the first to come to mind when we think about whether or not a city is affordable. If the rent is too high, the city is too expensive. That’s largely true, but transportation costs also have a lot to do with it. HUD actually combines the two numbers into a single “location affordability” index: if those two expenses make up more than 45 percent of your income, the city isn’t affordable to you. Full Story

San Diego Trolley Powers MTS FY14 Ridership

Aug 22, 2014 –

San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) says its public transit network generated 95,010,550 riders in fiscal year 2014, which ended June 30, 2014, up 11.5% from FY13 and a record.  Full Story

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