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Here’s How You’ll Get to Work in 2035, San Diego
Oct. 28, 2014 – 

After years of civic leaders trumpeting the importance of building new homes near transit and jobs, San Diego is committing to changing the way residents get to work. The changes are part of the city’s plan, released by Mayor Kevin Faulconer last month, to combat climate change. Full Story

Moving Forward with America’s High-Speed Rail Projects
Oct. 27, 2014 – 

A nationwide roll-out of high-speed rail may never materialize in the United States, but that hasn’t stopped local plans from moving forward at their own pace. The past few weeks have brought intriguing – and in some cases, very encouraging –updates on bullet train projects in California, Texas, and the Northeast. Full Story

Bike-Share Is (Still) Struggling to Reach Poor People Across North America
Oct. 24, 2014 –

The rise of bike-share as a popular mode of city transportation has been swift and impressive. A new report on the state of North American bike-share, which gives new meaning to the word “comprehensive,” puts the total number of users at more than 1.1 million as of 2012. And that’s before the launch of new systems in major cities like Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. Bike-share is not only here to stay – it’s still getting here. Full Story

A Chat with Amtrak’s CEO on the State of U.S. Passenger Rail
Oct. 16 –

The first thing I say over the phone to Amtrak President and CEO Joseph Boardman is that I appreciate him taking the time to talk about Amtrak, because it’s one of my favorite subjects, and it’s a favorite subject of CityLab readers. To which he responds, without missing a beat: “Sometimes it’s not my favorite subject.” Full Story

Susan Shaheen: How Car Sharing Accelerates Sustainability
Oct. 14 –

If you’ve attempted to dive deep into the topic of car sharing, chances are you’ve come across Susan Shaheen, or at least some of her studies. About 18 years ago she fell in love with the concept, even though she’d probably never put it that way. Full Story

RB-to-UCSD Bus Route Launched with Free Rides
Oct. 13 –

A new limited-stop Rapid bus route will begin shuttling commuters between Rancho Bernardo and UC San Diego Monday and transportation officials will make the occasion by offering free rides. Full Story

MTS Ready to Open $44 Million ‘Rapid’ Bus Route
Oct. 9 –

San Diego transit and planning agencies on Thursday will celebrate completion of the $44 million Mid-City Rapid project, which starting Sunday will provide fast bus service between San Diego State University and downtown San Diego. Full Story

Facing Many Obstacles, Bike Sharing Slowly Gains Traction Upstate
Oct. 5 –

Joe Nedeau had not been on a bicycle for months, but on a warm Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago he sped through downtown Albany on a sturdy bicycle the color of an ice cream truck. Mr. Nedeau, 35, a part-time college student, greeted friends on a sidewalk and mapped out his day: head to a shopping center and maybe catch a movie at a $5 theater.” Full Story

For Walkers and Cyclists, A Swedish Road-Planning Strategy Helps Save Lives
Oct. 3, 2014 –

More than 4,500 pedestrians are killed and more than 68,000 are injured by motor vehicles every year on the streets of America. The victims are disproportionately children, seniors, and people of color. … From Philadelphia to Chicago to Oregon, campaigns to reduce pedestrian, bicyclist, and motorist deaths to zero are now taking shape around the country. Full Story
The Rate of Pedestrians Injured by Bicyclists is Going Down
Oct. 2, 2014 –

After recent high-profile deaths in NYC, the good news is that such accidents are becoming rarer—at least in New York and California. Full Story

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