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MTS Ready to Open $44 Million ‘Rapid’ Bus Route
Oct. 9 –

San Diego transit and planning agencies on Thursday will celebrate completion of the $44 million Mid-City Rapid project, which starting Sunday will provide fast bus service between San Diego State University and downtown San Diego. Full Story

Facing Many Obstacles, Bike Sharing Slowly Gains Traction Upstate
Oct. 5 –

Joe Nedeau had not been on a bicycle for months, but on a warm Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago he sped through downtown Albany on a sturdy bicycle the color of an ice cream truck. Mr. Nedeau, 35, a part-time college student, greeted friends on a sidewalk and mapped out his day: head to a shopping center and maybe catch a movie at a $5 theater.” Full Story

For Walkers and Cyclists, A Swedish Road-Planning Strategy Helps Save Lives
Oct. 3, 2014 –

More than 4,500 pedestrians are killed and more than 68,000 are injured by motor vehicles every year on the streets of America. The victims are disproportionately children, seniors, and people of color. … From Philadelphia to Chicago to Oregon, campaigns to reduce pedestrian, bicyclist, and motorist deaths to zero are now taking shape around the country. Full Story

The Rate of Pedestrians Injured by Bicyclists is Going Down
Oct. 2, 2014 –

After recent high-profile deaths in NYC, the good news is that such accidents are becoming rarer—at least in New York and California. Full Story

Transit System Wins $18M Grant for Clean Fuel Buses
Sept. 30, 2014 –

The Metropolitan Transit System announced Tuesday that it received an $18 million federal grant to purchase buses for routes in the East County. The 45 buses to be purchased from Hayward-based Gillig will be powered by compressed natural gas, replacing older diesel models that have reached the end of their useful life due to age and mileage, according to the MTS. Full Story

A Universal Lesson in Breaking the Habit of Car Commuting
Sept. 26, 2014 –

Last fall, the World Wildlife Fund moved its U.K. headquarters from Godalming to Woking. One of the main reasons given for the move was the desire for a more sustainable work environment. To that end, the company encouraged employees to trade their car commutes for the train... Full Story
Gov. Signs Controversial Ridesharing Bill
Sept. 17, 2014 –

Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed a compromise bill that closes insurance gaps and calls for greater oversight of California’s burgeoning ridesharing industry. Full Story

‘3 Feet Please’ Law for Passing Bicyclists Rolls Out Across California
Sept. 16, 2014 –

California’s new bike-passing law took effect Tuesday. It’s designed to reduce car and bicycle crashes and make the roads safer. Between 2007 and 2012, 960 bicyclists were killed or injured in San Diego County. “The Three Feet For Safety Act requires drivers to give bicyclists in California at least three-feet clearance when passing in the same direction – similar to the requirements when overtaking and passing another vehicle on the roadway,” California Highway Patrol Chief Jim Abele said. Full Story

Why Bike Lovers Should Be Happy About “Bikelash”
Sept. 15, 2014 –

“Bikelash” is a snappy little word that names a condition quite familiar to anyone who’s been following the politics of city streets in the United States over the past few years. It describes the resistance and hostility that the increasing presence of bikes on city streets sometimes produces in people who don’t ride bikes. Full Story

Want to Be Happier? Try Walking Even Part of the Way to Work
Sept. 14, 2014 –

Our daily commutes to work can significantly influence our mental state. Taking public transportation may be more beneficial than driving, researchers find. But ultimately an active commute – especially walking or bicycling – is the most beneficial for our emotional well-being, according to an expansive new study on the topic. Full Story

Driving Too Near Bikes Could Bring Fines
Sept. 13, 2014–utsandiego 

San Diego County tallied 7 bike fatalities in 2008 and 11 in 2012. It saw a slight decrease in the number of bike accidents when comparing those two years: 959 in 2008 compared with 939 in 2012.
Perhaps the most significant impact of the new state law will come after a crash occurs, several bike advocates said. The law gives police a new tool when investigating who’s at fault in a crash involving a driver and bicyclist. Full Story

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