Try Our Online RideMatcher System Today. Want to start a vanpool, find the right person to share your drive, or bike to work with a buddy? RideMatcher is a convenient online tool, available 24/7, that will help you make a connection quickly and easily.

RideMatcher is a simple and secure way to find a rideshare partner for everything from commuting by carpool, vanpool, SchoolPool, and bike, to attending one-time special events like ballgames and concerts. Your personal information remains private until you accept a request to ridematch. You can connect without using your home address – simply choose a local corner or Park & Ride lot as your starting point. By using your work e-mail address, you can match easily with co-workers.

Get Started. Just sign up below for a free account. Next, enter your trip’s starting and ending points. RideMatcher will provide you with ridematching options that meet your preferences. You choose the one that best fits your schedule.

Let RideMatcher Help Your Employees. If you’re an employer, we’ll work with you to set up RideMatcher as part of a more complete commuter benefit program for your employees. They can even choose to match only within your company.

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For more information, call 511 and say “iCommute” or email iCommute@sandag.org.

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