carsharing: mobility on demand

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iCommute Annual Partners car2go and Zipcar offer carsharing services in the San Diego region. These services provide communities with a neighborhood-based fleet of vehicles, available to members for a set rate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you have access to a vehicle throughout the day for errands or meetings, it becomes more convenient to take transit, carpool, vanpool, walk, or bike to work or school.

car2go  has a fleet of 400 electric vehicles in the City of San Diego, allowing members to use the one-way service to get where they need to go, when they need to go. Members simply locate a car2go near them via a smart phone app, drive it to their destination, park the vehicle, and leave it for another member to use.

Zipcar San Diego members have access to a wide variety of vehicles around the City of San Diego, from VW Jettas to MINI convertibles to BMW X1s. Members have access to the vehicles 24/7 and can reserve them by the hour or by the day.

car2go and zipcar also make it convenient for universities to offer carsharing services to their students, offering them access to a car without the hassle of keeping a car on campus.

Carsharing is affordable. Usage fees cover all vehicle-related expenses, including insurance, parking, and emergency roadside service. Convenient and easy, members are able to view vehicle availability via the Internet or smart phone and access vehicles using a smart card.

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