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How many miles per gallon does your vehicle average? Federal Fuel Economy Guide


$ How much do you pay each month for parking?

Here’s what you pay if you:

Daily Monthly Yearly
Drive Alone * $5.06 $111.32 $1,335.84
Carpool with 1 other person $2.53 $55.66 $667.92
Vanpool with 7 other people ** $3.64 $80.11 $961.28
Take Transit ***
MTS Local and Express Bus $5 $72 $816
Premium Bus $14 $100 $1,080
Trolley $5 $72 $816
NCTD BREEZE Bus $5 $59 $708
SPRINTER $5 $59 $708
COASTER $12 $120-$165 $1,440-$1,980

* Drive alone cost estimates include an average maintenance and tire cost of five cents per mile based on AAA "Your Driving Costs 2012" brochure. Cost estimates do not include full-coverage insurance, license, registration, taxes, depreciation (15,000 miles annually), vehicle loan payments, or finance charges.

** Vanpool costs are based on average lease costs and gas for an eight passenger van. The SANDAG $400 month subsidy has been applied.

*** Transit prices are based on purchase of full fare adult Day or Monthly Pass. COASTER daily ticket prices reflect round trip purchase. Yearly transit costs equal Monthly Pass price x 12. Senior/Disabled/Medicare and Youth discount passes are available for those who qualify.

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